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Noria JR

NORIA JR. 8GB 7″ Tablet, Android Jellybean 4.1, Dual Camera, HDMI, 3G Capable, Dual Core 1.2 GHz- Light Blue

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Noria JR

Noria JR

Deliver NORIA JR Tablet Light Blue Features :

  • 7.0″ LED panel touch with 5 point multi touch 16:9 screen
  • System Memory: 8GB Flash HD and 512 DDR3 RAM
  • Operating System: Android 4.1 Dual Core Processor With fastest speeds at 1.2GHz
  • Dual Cameras webcam are perfect for use with SKYPE and Google Hangouts.
  • Tablet comes pre loaded with Google Play Store, Chrome, Netflix, Skype and other important apps.

Noria JR Reviews

Here is one of the honest Noria JR reviews by Wayfinder that already purchase and use this Noria JR.

Better than I expected

Initially I did give it a 5* review. I would never have expected to give this device such a high review. I paid 65 bucks for it, free shipping. Well worth the money. This is not a “toy” unit but a nicely functioning, full-power Android tablet. I dropped it to 4 stars because of the icon limitation, and that alone. (see following)

First the cons. It arrived a few days late. Stuff happens. The screen only allows 16 icons per menu, which is unusually few. This isn’t a Samsung Tab 3, but still I’m not sure why only 16 icons per menu screen; other 7″ devices allow more.

Here’s what I really enjoy about this product:
* I have purchased both a Zeepad and this unit for different reasons. The Zeepad is good. This is significantly better.
* Nice crisp screen, easily visible
* Extremely responsive to touch. In truth– the best I’ve ever seen, no exaggeration. It’s far more responsive than even my much-more-expensive pro-tablet.
* I’m impressed with the mini-HDMI port, and really appreciate the fact it comes with an adapter plug (you’ll still need a regular connector cable, but at least the mini-to-standard adapter is included at no extra charge).
* The USB port works with the neat little 7″ tablet folios one finds on Amazon that have the built-in keyboard. You’ll still need the included micro-usb adapter, but the keyboard works fine once plugged in. One of these plus one of those typically-under-12-dollars protective cases makes an excellent combination.
* It’s a pretty fast unit. Have noticed no “lag”.
* Similarly, the included apps with this are minimal. Apparently the company realizes it is indeed possible to download free apps from Google and Amazon… and felt no need to take up valuable memory and storage with app after app that most users neither want nor need. This allows this unit to be fully customized to individual taste. I like that a LOT.
* Battery time is estimated (depending on use) at about 3-4 hours. Be aware that Wifi takes up a chunk of energy. Also be aware that as advertised, no bluetooth on this unit. But with the fully-adaptive USB port and WIFI combined, I don’t really need bluetooth. This was bought to be an ultra-portable unit with a large-enough-to-read screen, and it works well in that context.
* It has double the storage capacity of the basic Zeepad– 8 gigs compared to 4 gigs, at a lower price. Hard to find fault with that. : )

(No, I’m not an employee nor anti-Zeepad… which also is a nice little unit. Just comparing apples and apples.)

I mainly give this 4 stars because it works, works well, is exactly as advertised, and even works better than I expected for such an inexpensive unit. Aside from the low-resolution screen it works as well as many far-more-expensive units I’ve seen. Currently I’m quite pleased with the purchase and give it my hearty recommendation– especially for first time users, younger ones, or those who like me needed a very portable unit.

Oh, I also got it so my 20 month old nephew could pound away on baby-games without costing me a small fortune. We’ll see. At this time this has turned out to be a nicer unit than mere toddler-entertainment. :D

Edit: about 2 weeks after I got this tablet it started “acting up”… programs malfunctioning, things happening on their own, apps being triggered without touching the screen. One of my favorite apps kept shutting down whenever I would touch a specific page. I sent the tablet back as defective. Imo that doesn’t mean the line is bad. It worked well the first 2 weeks. Could be a part just went bad. That can happen with any device.

I still give it 4 stars. I try to be fair in reviews and being fair– this seems a nice unit overall.

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